Aleksandar Vucic: "Here in the Balkans has returned hatred, only Europe can save the peace"

Belgrade - "I repeat for months to Merkel and Matteo Renzi who listen to me, and to all: the tensions in the Western Balkans are back at the dangerous level since the end of the nineties war." Aleksandar Vucic, the young premier liberal and pro-European of Belgrade, launches clear warnings, in the aftermath of the Bosnian Serb referendum.     

Voltages at the highest level by the end of Yugoslavia: why?

"Because each one is said in favor of the integration process in EU, but each one expects every opportunity to set traps to neighbors. we look at the Bosnia of the referendum: there is always somewhere in the field that does something against the other parties in the field. the Bosnian Serbs say they are pro-u but speak of Bosniak (Bosnian Muslims, ed) in the worst of ways, the Bosniak say "we are big, but look at these stupid Bosnian Serbs." we must stop with all these mutual hostilities in the region. on behalf of the future. by now between us c ' it is hatred that is not 21 years ago. I feel it everywhere."

How great is the danger for the Balkans and Europe?

"Very big. I say this for a long time, a long time no one has ascoltato.Il my time is running out: we have to offer in the race to the peoples the Balkans a brighter future, otherwise we will go towards clashes and mutual reprisals. The Bosniak want to punish the Serbs for Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serbs say 'we had more casualties than all in the Second World War and in the wars of the Nineties, Bosnia had the right to secede from Yugoslavia, we have no right to leave Bosnia. The Croats of Bosnia hound 'claim our part of the country'. To stop the spiral must offer a stronger economy, more dialogue, the future for young people, the only way we will save peace. I've said in these hours by appeals for calm and for all field parties in Bosnia. Beginning they disapproved of the referendum creandomi unpopularity at home and among the Bosnian Serbs, but not invest in popularity but in the defense of peace and stability in the region. We urgently need a de-escalation. A fire in Bosnia could inflame the entire region. The memory of 1914 is still there to warn us about where they can help bring the tensions in the Balkans. The people do not understand: fragile region, we must do everything to return to calm. I just told Dodik, now I will contact the other. We need to improve economic cooperation, not invest in the contri. When I Varai reorganization and fiscal consolidation in Belgrade no one gave him hope, today we have stable sovereign accounts, primary surplus for the first time, growing almost 3 percent, we think to increases in the public sector, no longer cuts. Only peace, so much fear, will save the future of our youth and of the region including attracting investments. Emotions lighted always create serious problems, we need competition in the economy, not hate. "

Right, but Sarajevo and the Bosnian Serbs do not seem to hear it ...

"Many in the West they give hurriedly blemish to Dodik. But I hope that both sides will prevail the reason. Each faction could not wait any opportunity to harm others. Let's stop with hatred, we create a single market, it would be the sixth largest in Europe. But we still queues 5 or sometimes 15 km for trucks in transit between our countries. Tito left us a country quite developed and industrialized, manufacturer of airplanes and cars, we all ex-Yugoslavs have ruined everything. I do not threaten state sovereignty to anyone, but we recreate that unique market. " 

What do you think Putin's support to the Bosnian Serbs, to your shoulders? Once again the Great playing with fire in the Balkans?

"Serbia seeks to be sovereign and independent. Neither Russian nor American colony. It is not easy, many great powers have their own interests in the Balkans. Everyone has the right to decide according to their interests, the US, Russia, but also we have the right to independent action, without being influenced by Washington, Moscow, the other. "

The EU, Merkel, Renzi, the praise it for being a key figure of stability, but the neighbors? What about Croatia that hinders your accession negotiations to the EU and re-evaluates collaborators and war criminals of the past?

"In Europe it would be rather advisable to be guided to the coherent and pro-European vision of Angela Merkel. When, after the construction of the Hungarian and Croatian barrier controls, we found ourselves poor country to manage such crowds of migrants, some countries asked began to impose sanctions against Belgrade. Merkel opposed. We will never forget, gratitude and memory are essential for us Serbs. He saved us from terrible blows, showing courage and criticism at home. Who but she launches appeals for calm in the Balkans? Her, only her. Without Chancellor Merkel here with us in the Balkans everything would be worse and much more dangerous. Too many, in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, do not understand it. We want the best possible relations with Croatia, but then look to a peaceful competition in the future, not to the hatreds of the past. In the last election campaign every cadidato there attacked me more of his rival. About time they always need hot topics. "

Another problem: his warnings on the challenges to peace in the Balkans (migrants, tensions ...) received a disappointing response from Juncker and vague. What do you say?

"On migrants, to ' last European meeting in Vienna, Merkel did her best to find effective joint solutions, but to no avail. There are EU member countries and NATO earners vital cohesion funds for growth and - it saddens me - refuse to migrant quotas insignificant compared to host migrants we helping the EU, although by no EU country, receive twenty times less aid. "

She previously was with Milosevic, then he changed his mind, confessed in public that he was wrong, and you want to turn the page, build a European Serbia facing the future, closing with Serbia hatreds and atrocities of the past. It has been painful

"Tu painful. I felt I should say to myself and to the nation that had seriously wrong, many times. The belief that they can revive Serbia i convinced him to hurt me, to recognize errors and faults. Many judged not credible I saw my past, I tried passionately to show an honest rethinking. To be honest it can be very painful, precisely when it is ethical imperative to find the courage to do it to move forward. My mindset was that itinerarium shared by the Serbian nation. Now convinced that only by working hard, with deep reforms, we will be fully modern and European. Only the courage of painful choices sometimes start you on the right track. While not everyone in the world wants a strong and stable Serbia. " 

How does Milosevic today?

"Theme among the most difficult. I leave it to the historians. In some cases it has been judged wrongly in others he was guilty. He wanted to do something not too bad for the Serbs, and instead made worse for the destiny of the Serbs. I do not want to participate in a theme of confrontation that still divides Serbia. "

The past does not pass weighs on many countries: Germany, Japan, Italy ... and in Serbia?

"Knife double bladed. Some say that the Serbs have not made properly to terms with past atrocities. But 70 percent of young voters that we are against the EU. Why not see Serb guilt in the Nineties, and wonder why the EU and the West have punished only our sins and atrocities, not the others. Many still live in the past. In Bosnia speak of the massacre (note made by Serb militias), but never of the much larger Jasenovac, massacre of Serbs. I fully acknowledge our faults,atrocities, crimes, I am proud that Serbia learn to come to terms with itself. For peace in the Balkans, I hope that they do the other. More economic progress will also help us to come to terms with the past and to avoid new Balkan storms in Europe and the world ".

Repubblica / Andrea Tarquini