Serbia needs the anti-corruption strategy

At the SNS conference on fight against corruption and organized crime, Nikolic said that corruption in Serbia has reached "enormous dimensions" and that the influencing governmental factors "have joined their forces in theft of a public good” and created an "oligarchy of thieves."

"It is a condition that can be called cleptocracy," Nikolic said, adding that Serbia’s fight against corruption was never started because "they all cooperate with each other".

He said that the fight against corruption is a priority for the SNS, and that corruption holds back the actual revival of the economy, along with the acceptance of European values.
"The population expresses distrust towards state institutions, because they undermine the value of governmental systems" said Nikolic.

He added that without a fight against corruption, there will be no new investments in Serbia, because corruption represents detrimental impact on the entire economic and social life.
Media coverage of this event was extremely poor, despite high-profile guests and a large number of participants. It only testifies to the media darkness prevalent in Serbia, bearing in mind the fact that the government directly or indirectly, still controls all major media in Serbia.

Besides president of the SNS, mr. Tomislav Nikolić, conference was attended by:

Bradford P. Johnson - a prominent international expert involved in different projects organized by Transparency International, United Nations, and many other international organizations on the fight against corruption (has experience in combating corruption in South Eastern Europe),

Peter Jakimov, president of Citizens' Association Antimafija, Bulgaria, (has experience in fighting against corruption in Bulgaria),

Greg Mindzek - former Director of NDI Moscow (has experience in fighting against corruption in Russia)

Dr. Jorgovanka Tabaković, MP and vice president of the SNS,

Marko Djuric, a member of the Executive committee and the Council on Legal Affairs SNS (SNS-presentation platform for the fight against organized crime and corruption)

docent dr Zorana Z. Mihajlovic, a member of SNS Presidency,

Natasha Tanjevic, Faculty of European Business and Marketing, Belgrade, (has experiences in the fight against economic crime in neighboring countries)

Dejan Carevic, a lawyer, founder of the Internal control of the customs (modern trends in prevention of corruption)