Serbian Progressive Party in Nis: We are the winners!

Tomislav Nikolic in Nis - Both Europe & Kosovо

"Both Europe and Kosovo are national issues and as such should be resolved by consensus," said president of the party, Tomislav Nikolic, addressing supporters in hall "Cair" in Nis.
Progressives are "with their people in Kosovo and Metohia," Nikolic said, specifying it as the SPP`s plan for Kosovo "We are conducting it and 'yellow company' let it drummed into its head," said Nikolic.
He pointed out that the solving of Kosovo problem should be a common thing of all in Serbia, not "just a minority problem that wants to use it to win elections." According to him, "Serbian President Boris Tadic and those around him endanger Serbia and run the risk to remain without anything - without Kosovo and without candidate status for EU membership."
"Is Kosovo used for the elections?" asked Nikolic, adding that this problem must be solved by consensus.

Tomislav Nikolic: The White Book the program the party

The White Book is the party's program, said the  leader of Progressives showing a copy of it, and the goal of this platform is the revival of the economy, fighting corruption and attracting foreign investment.

He said that  SPP would establish "zero tolerance" towards those who do not work in accordance with the law. "The government is predatory and corrupt and Progressives aren`n smarter or better educated than members of the Government, but they are more honest and more modest", he said.
"The media are also corrupt, said the leader of the SPP, "controlled by members of the Democratic Party in the shadows and through various offshore companies."
Opening the meeting, his deputy Aleksandar Vucic, said : " Serbia has no right to give up nor Kosovo and the Metohia or its European future".
According to his announcement Serbian Progressive Party, starting from today begins with the presentation of the election programs, the are expected to bring the  changes and better lives.
Those wanting the changes are much more than those who want the status quo. Those who want everything to remain as usual will defend their positions because they could continue to rob people and others want changes in order to defend their freedom", said Vucic, adding that the SPP must win for the sake of the future.
The event was attended by representatives of the coalition partner of SPP, New Serbia, the Serbian Strength Movement ,Socialist Movement and the Democratic Party of Serbia and Movement of United Pensioners of Serbia

Russian Ambassador Alexander Konuzin spoke at the meeting

Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Konuzin said at the meeting in Nis that he believed that the SPP has become one of the main indicators of the mood of the citizens of Serbia.

Konuzin said that the SPP thus acquired the ability to make general plans of the national character but at the same time the responsibility because  of the  trust and hope of the people beleiving in this political party.

He stated that the meeting held in Nis was taking palce at the moment which was not an easy one for the history of Serbia and added that Serbia has not yet come out from the transition period which main goal was the formation of a democratic state with market economy.
Konuzin has also supported the Serbian people in Kosovo, stressing that Russia "well hears the voice of that people."

"We were standing and will be standing by your side," said Konuzin recalling the words of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pronounced during his recent visit to Belgrade "What is good for Serbia, it is good for Russia."