Statement made by President Nikolic on the occasion of the Party's new headquarters consecration

Sorry for keep you waiting a little longer, but it was not up to us, and we should wait for the priest and he always has serious reasons for being late.

Serbia has never been in such situation, like a sinking ship finding its way out, but the captain of the ship, at any price, wants to remain on his position even if the ship is going to sink.

The Serbian government is not thinking seriously about the state, trying to save myself the whole term as it is much more important when you have more important and more serious matters before it, the Serbian government wants to present itself as the only one who can solve problems of Serbian, as if there are many people in Serbia who would assume responsibility and do so many government jobs much better than those who only think now how to steal, fraud, how to deceive, will dictate that journalists not only headlines the subtitles, but even and words that you write. The Serbian Progressive Party is subject of attack of those in government only because it dared to be preferred and more trusted by the people, to be more respected than the current government. We are going to complete our organization, our advisory committees are completing preparation of their programs that will adopted by the party committees.

Starting from September Serbian Progressive Party goes on the offensive, political offensive, which will end with our victory in the elections. From September there will be no time for waste, we will fight to change things in Serbia and make things better. Thank you for all you have written about us, because we know that sometimes eve if you write badly that is not what you mean. You have the same passion as we do, you have the same problems like most citizens of Serbia and the government has the same problem as all other authorities feeling their time is over. From now you are welcomed in these premises, when you come to work, when you come on duty, we will never be closed for you, for the statements you are looking for,   for the  topics to write, and so please let us continue this cooperation even If we are sometimes  unhappy with the influence of the Democratic Party and its president on media, even if we are unsatisfied with the representation in the media, but I want to assure you that our cooperation with you is precious and the time when you will not have to write on dictation is coming. Once again, thank you for helping us spent this solemn act of " the expulsion of the devil " out of these rooms with you, we will invite you in all state institutions, because there are really a lot of bad things that could be eliminated by work and prayers and this way make Serbia saved .I want you to feel free and like home. This is a home of Serbian citizens. Thank you very much!