We want Serbia as a supporter of Russia in the EU

In an interview to Moscow newspaper Nikolic advocated for seeking of compromise in talks with Pristina.
"It should be fair to say that now  it would be difficult for Serbia to manage Pristina. But even Pristina is not able to manage events in Kosovska Mitrovica. Therefore compromises must be sought, although in recent years we have distanced ourselves from the very real possibility to solve the Kosovo problem, "said Nikolic

On the question to which compromises is he willing to  in order to solve the problem of  Kosovo and taking into account the decision on granting Serbia the candidate status for EU membership, he said he was ready to say to which compromises SPP was not ready to go."We have a very sharp demand: if the precondition for EU membership is our rejection of Kosovo, we will suspend all negotiations at the very moment. By their religion, history and  culture Serbs have always been associated with Russia and in the most difficult moments we were still looking at Moscow, "said the leader of SPP.

"Once again I want to emphasize that we want to be a member of the EU but not entering in NATO and not giving up Kosovo," said Nikolic.
Being asked about Serbia `s expectations from the upcoming presidential elections in Russia and Vladimir Putin, if he wins, Nikolic said that Putin's first post-Soviet politician who showed that he understood the problems of Serbia and made it clear that Russia would be a reliable partner.

“It won`t be an exaggeration to say that in Serbia he causes more positive emotions than our president. If he took place in the Serbian elections, he would defeat President Boris Tadic. I'd still fight, but I think I `d also lose, "said Nikolic.

He said that SPP wants Serbia to be the "backbone of Russia in Europe."
According to his saying Serbia accounts on implementation of the project of the South Stream, but hereby relations between Serbia and Russia should not be limited. He said that Serbia did not need the help of Russia but investment to upgrade the economy and restore production and agriculture.

"Interest for Serbia is shown up not only by Russian but by Chinese investors as well. This interest has a solid base:in Serbia there are many opportunities for big business, "said Nikolic.

Zoran Bojic, a correspondent of the Beta News Agency